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L'Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped (27 September 2021)


27 September 2021




 “L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped”


This installation at Place Charles de Gaulle is a bittersweet tribute to the Bulgarian artist Christo and his co-designer and wife Jeanne-Marie who are not here to witness their final project that is being realized after 60 years of creation. Following three months of construction work, including 1,200 men and women working non-stop, seven days a week for the last month, it was completed for the unveiling on September 18. The Arc de Triomphe is totally covered with 270,000 square feet of shimmering silver-blue polypropylene fabric that is recyclable bound with almost two miles of shiny red cord, costing 14 million euros to produce. Volunteers are walking around near the monument and readily available to answer any questions. They are also happy to hand out a square of the wrapping fabric, blue on one side and silver on the other. What a perfect souvenir to remember this occasion!


If you are in Paris, this is a must-see opportunity. Unwrapping of the artwork will start on October 4 and end by November 10, 2021. Perhaps this will be as interesting as the wrapping.






1. This installation runs through October 3, 2021. It is located at Place Charles de Gaulle. Take time to view the monument from the distance and close-up, day and night. The terrace is open to the public for the duration of the project. Presentation of a health pass is required and a face mask from 6-years-old must be worn inside the monument as well as outside in crowded spaces



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