Graphic Design

Marketing Materials for Your Business


How customers view you is tantamount to your business success. A crisp clean logo, business cards that impress, and impactful materials that convey your exact message in a way that your potential customers can understand and appreciate. And, in today's electronic world, those 'materials' aren't just on paper!

VillageVues will work with you to develop a graphic image and then carry it over to business cards, letterhead, fliers, brochures... all the way to your complete internet presence.


Pricing: Inquire

Business Cards (cartes de visite)


Let VillageVues create a custom business card design for you. Give us your details, a photo, whatever you think you would like on a card to convey your image here in France!

And, make it easy for your friends to add your contact information into their electronic address books with a QR code on the back. Or a map of your location so that they can find you and businesses can deliver to the correct address.



New design and 80 cards: 95 €

Reprints (80 cards) 25 €


(Includes shipping in France. Additional charges may apply for other countries)



Note Cards and Stationery


In the digital age it's still great to be able to send a personalized note card to someone you care about, want to thank, or just to say hello.

Take the custom design from your business card and turn it into A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm) note cards. Not getting business cards? Then we'll start the design now.



New design and 20 cards: 95 €

Reprints (20 cards) 25 €

Using existing business card design w/20 cards: 65 €


(Includes shipping in France. Additional

charges may apply for other countries)



Photo books


Coffee table books radiate elegance and are available from VillageVues using your favorite pictures in a custom layout to suit your style. A great idea is to take a collection of the photos that were shot locally and turn them into a book for a permanent record of your life in Paris. Or memorialize that last trip with memories that will last a lifetime!

Available in several different formats, page sizes and page counts they make great gifts for family and close friends and a cherished memory of your time abroad!


Pricing: Inquire



Up and coming author? Getting your book published is easier than ever! Let VillageVues take your manuscript and create an eBook complete with illustrations (if needed) ready to upload on the web or publish as a free or paid iPad app (with or without an iPhone app).


Pricing: Inquire

Book Design & Digital Publishing


Let VillageVues do your next photo shoot. On location, at your business or in your home. We can provide product photography, industrial scenes or interior settings for whatever purpose you desire.


Supplied in various formats and media VillageVues will deliver your images for use in print, on the web or for addition to your blog.


Pricing: Inquire

Video Production


Video is an integral part of today's life. Whether you need a corporate demo clip to sell your product or just a family movie to share with others... VillageVues can make it happen!


Live action or motion graphics provide a visual message in today's internet centric environment.



Pricing: Inquire

Website Design & Development


The importance of having an internet presence only keeps growing. And it's not just being there. In today's competitive world you need to have a website that looks great, is extremely easy to navigate and one that makes updates simple to accomplish.


Let VillageVues create your website using up-to-the-minute web creation tools from Adobe. We'll take your ideas, make concept drawings, build your site and publish it either as html code that you can provide to your host provider or as a complete hosted and managed site with timely refreshes.


Pricing: Inquire

Blog Pages


A lot of people are blogging these days and being in a foreign country just begs you to set up a blog and let everyone you know what's going on in your life!


Part of setting up a blog should include a great look and feel. A header (similar to a Facebook "cover" picture) can add a feeling of elegance, lifestyle... whatever way you imagine yourself and want your friends to see.


Let VillageVues take you through the process: from the look and feel to the actual blog.


Pricing: Inquire

App Development for

iPad & iPhone


Want to publish an iPad or iPhone app for your art or photo gallery, business, group or just about anything else? We can build that app for you and arrange for it to be it published in the Apple Apps store.


We'll take your ideas, make concept drawings, build your iOS app and assist you in publishing it to the Apple App Store.


Pricing: Inquire

Wood Design & Production


Need something designed and fabricated in wood? Look no further than VillageVues! We can take your idea, create a design and fabricate it in nature's own beauty.


From custom spice racks to barrister bookcases, engraved wooden signs, desks and children's wood toys with a personalized touch.


Pricing: inquire


Please note: Wooden products are only available for purchase and delivery in the Paris area.

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